Week of Study

Since my last post, I have turned in a drawn assignment of the oestrous cycle of a mare and had a test on Renal and Reproductive Physiology.  Both were rather rough.  The test was on Friday, which is why I didn’t post last Thursday – I was studying my brain into mush.  Friday night was Mr Vet, and then Monday morning was a Genetics test followed by an Anatomy test first thing Wednesday morning.  In this time I also managed to get very sick and still manage to pass my tests.  So now you know where I have been.


I will start with my Physiology assignment.  He told us on his last day lecturing what it was he wanted and gave us precisely 2 weeks to finish it.  Me being me, I procrastinated and got it all finished on the last weekend, giving myself exactly 4 days to study for the test.  I put off all note-typing and focused on studying renal and reproductive physiology for the week (minus time on Wednesday to work on my anatomy pre-lab).  Thursday night my flatmates E and A and I got together to study together the last bits and by Friday morning I was as prepared as I was going to get.  E and I went over a bit of histology before the test and that was it.  I feel ok about the test, I’m reasonably sure that I passed.  At least it is over now and I don’t have to take it again.


Friday night was Mr. Vet, which is pretty much a beauty pageant put on every year by the 3rd year students.  Two male representatives from every class are chosen (either they volunteer or get volunteered) to compete for the pink sash.  They participate in a group dance at the beginning, a talent portion, a formal wear portion, and a swimwear portion.  The opening act was pretty hilarious with them all starting out in fuzzy girlie bath robes, doing a bit of stripptease down to a towel.  They danced around in the towels for a bit and then whipped them off to reveal daisy duke shorts (they also put on straw cowboy hats) and did a little line dancing before ripping those off to display either rainbow g-strings or leopard print briefs.  It was pretty hilarious watching them all dance around.  Some of them were clearly better at it than others (the two from my class looked like they had skipped a few practice sessions) but they all did a pretty good job overall.  Next was a mix of talent, swimwear, and formal wear.  I don’t remember them all perfectly, but there was one act that followed a theme – the Ginger from third year (maybe? I think? he may have been fourth year…I’m also reasonably sure he has a real name, I just don’t remember what it is.) had a running theme of a comedic history of the Ginger (from some pop reference I’m sure), except for his talent portion where he did a ballroom type dance routine with several girls from the class (which now makes me lean more toward him being 4th year), he also played guitar and had sparklers on stage for various other performances.  One of the other guys did a bit of trampoline acrobatics which was really amazing.  The Asian guy from 3rd year (?) did a magic trick for talent, dressed as a sperm for swimwear, and danced to “kung fu fighting” for formal wear.  There were several acts that did Lonely Island songs, and quite a lot of partial nudity (as in most acts ended with one of the guys wearing just underwear).  The boys from my class did a duet for the swimwear (and were so drunk by that point that they didn’t really remember their dance moves), one wore a dress for the formal wear, and one did a rap for the talent portion.  They were good sports for having been picked by the class (since no one volunteered).  Next year we will have a better team because we already have guys thinking about what they want to do.  In the end, the Asian from third year won first, the Ginger took second, and someone…else…took third.  It was a very fun night out.


Saturday I tried to study genetics, but ended up down with a migraine headache instead.  I managed to sleep it off by the end of the day and felt well enough on Sunday to actually get some study done.  Sunday night our friend A (A2 from now on) from down the street came over and we did some group study.  He stayed until around 10 and then we cleaned up and toddled off to our respective beds.  Monday morning came bright and early and unwelcomed.  I had started coughing a little during the group study, and it escalated till around midnight (keeping me awake) when I remembered that I have cough suppressant left over from last year.  So, working on few hours of sleep, and feeling like I’d been run over by a garbage truck, I went in to my test and actually did alright.  I went straight home afterwards and slept for 4 hours, woke up and had a drink of water, then slept for a few more hours before getting up and attempting food of some sort (managed a small serving of rice) and then heading back to bed.  Tuesday I didn’t make it to school because I still felt awful and wanted to be somewhat recovered for the Anatomy test on Wednesday.  I slept in till 10am, and studied in 30-60 minute blocks with hour naps in between.  By 5:00pm I was finally feeling more human and managed to get in a few solid hours of study before bed.  I woke up bright and early (6:00 am) and got an extra hour of study in before heading to school.  I managed to miss exactly 13 points, which I took as a lucky sign since I was relying on a great deal of luck to see me through.  The grade is passing, even if it is below average, and so I am happy with it.


Wednesday afternoon was our last anatomy lab on the face (after the mid-semester break we start on the brain), so there was not much time to do any pre-lab.  Thankfully there wasn’t much pre-lab to work through and we managed to crack through the dissection in about an hour and a half.  The rest of the day was spent in jubilation.  Finally done with the tests and lab so our only responsibility left before the break was to make it to lecture in the morning.


Today we made it to lecture, sat through all three, and then escaped into the beautiful sunny day.  After classes I went to town with a friend for her birthday and had Japanese food.  My stomach was telling me that I could eat the entire portion of their largest bento, but it failed me.  The food was very good though and I made sure to eat all of the parts that wouldn’t reheat well.  I now have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.  Tonight we are doing our usual Friday Flat Dinner because tomorrow everyone is leaving back to Auckland for the holiday.  So it will be just me and the cats for the two weeks.  However, I did manage to score some Dairy Practical work over the break so I will get that taken care of and only have 2 weeks left to do next mid-semester break.  This way I don’t have to work Dairy over summer and can spend more of the break home with my loved ones.  I still have to set up my Sheep and Beef work, but I might get to do 3 of those weeks over winter and finish off the last week in November and then fly home.  It will mean quite a lot of work and no rest, but it also means more time home over summer which I feel is worth it.


Thanks for sticking with me through that long post, here are some pictures from Mr. Vet for your trouble.

Mr Vet 008 Mr Vet 011 Mr Vet 012 Mr Vet 018 Mr Vet 019 Mr Vet 020 Mr Vet 022 Mr Vet 032 Mr Vet 036 Mr Vet 040 Mr Vet 043 Mr Vet 047 Mr Vet 055



Home again home again jiggidy jig

I made it back to the States in one piece.  Spent the first week with my mum and people I love.  Had a wonderful thanksgiving, and soon will have another (which will make 3 in 2 days).

I still have a cold, and transferred my southern hemisphere germs around all week.  Hopefully everyone else has an immune system that works.  The only person I’m worried about is Grandpa, but we will keep an eye on him and get him to the doctor if it looks like he’s coming down with it.

Today is “black Friday” and I managed to leave my wallet at home, so definitely no shopping for me. 

Day Before Anatomy 1 Final Exam

I managed to go through some of the other previous exams today and look through the types of questions that are going to be asked.  I should be able to at least pass, even without the impaired performance, but only if there aren’t too many questions about things that need specifics when I only have general information.  My focus has been spotty at best today.  I’m hoping that I can pull it together for the full 2 hours tomorrow.  I’m usually pretty good at tests once I sit down to take them.

I know for my main strategy I am going to look through it and only answer the ones that I know for sure first.  There is only 2 hours for the test, and somewhere around 100 points possible.  That gives me a little over one minute per point.  If I can answer the ones that I know quickly, it gives me extra time to faff around on the ones that I know less well, and time to come up with an answer for the ones I might not know off the top of my head.

I’ve been feeling pretty sick most of today.  I’m hoping its mostly just nerves that my conscious brain isn’t registering because it’s full of other things.  I do know that I will be very glad to have tomorrow over with.  Tonight is the full moon, which would be cool if I felt like going outside.  Ah well, tomorrow is Halloween (which seems weird to celebrate in the spring so I won’t be) and only 19 days until I go home.

Study Break before exams

Today I did some study for Anatomy and Physiology.  I had to stop some of the Physiology study because it was too difficult to read about the body’s reaction to decreased oxygen and increased carbon dioxide, but I got some done and I’ll put that in the win column.  Tomorrow is another day.  Each day gets a little easier, and then I have moments where its not any easier at all.  I helped pack up his house on Saturday, reclaimed some of the things that were mine, picked up some things that were his to remember him by.  I still haven’t been able to eat reliably.  I’ll think that I’m ok enough to eat something and then halfway through an apple I’ll start feeling over full and sick.  So I’m still struggling with things.  I’m still processing.  Thankfully I haven’t remembered any of my dreams as of late.  I don’t really want to know how my subconscious is processing things.  I had lunch with a classmate today, tomorrow I’m meeting another friend for coffee or something.  Wednesday I have nothing planned, but Thursday is my appointment with the Councillor.  Friday is a movie night with my friends who have been my biggest support group.  I’m trying to find normal.  I slept funny last night and my back has been hurting all day.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Oh hello again Life, nice of you to drop by

I woke up this morning with a headache and sick to my stomach.  Since I couldn’t get solid food down reliably, I decided to stay home from school.  A friend in the class got recordings of the lectures that I can get off of her later this week, so I should be ok.

Around 2:00 pm I found out that my bestie killed himself sometime last night or early this morning.  This is the same one who’s girlfriend killed herself when she broke up with him and he wouldn’t take her back.  She blamed him, several of her friends blamed him and left abusive comments for him to read on facebook, and he blamed himself.  Now he is dead.  I now realise that he cut me out of his life because he knew that I’d be able to tell when he was serious about doing it.  He is very good at fooling people, but hasn’t been able to fool me.  The others let their guard down because he did a very good job of playing “okay”.  I don’t blame them, even if they had watched him like hawks for months they would have eventually grown weary.  Being on suicide watch is exhausting.  He would have waited for them to lower their guard and done it when he saw his opening.  He was a stubborn asshole.  I place all of the blame squarely on his shoulders.  Just like I place all the blame for his ex’s suicide squarely on her shoulders.  Nobody can MAKE a person commit suicide, it is a choice.  It is a selfish choice, quite possibly the most selfish choice that a human can make.  She abused him and he was left quite utterly warped when she was done.  Now they are both dead.  I wish like hell that she had never existed, or that she had succeeded the first time she tried to kill herself and so never existed in my bestie’s world.

I’m going to see a councillor this week.  The funeral is looking like it will be next Monday (a week from today).  Until then, I have things that won’t stop just because some selfish jackass decided that killing himself was the answer to his problems.  There is an Anatomy test next Wednesday to study for, an Anatomy lab this week and next that I can’t miss, and final exams to study for.

Almost forgot to post tonight

This time I can blame it on studying though, which is a much better potential excuse (that I can save for later because I didn’t have to use it this time).  Physiology test is on Wednesday so I’m doing plenty of study mixed with breaks for relaxing my focusing muscles.

Daylight Savings was this weekend, so I lost an hour of sleep between Saturday and Sunday during a time when I really should have been sleeping but was instead up watching movies with one of my friends that I made my first year of pre-vet.  The movies were terrible but the company was good.  I managed to get some study done over the weekend, but not nearly as much as I had hoped because on Sunday I ended up feeling really lousy and slept for a good chunk.

Today I woke up and there was no sun streaming through my window to greet me.  This made me grumpy, and sapped all of my desire to actually get out of bed.  Unfortunately the tug of responsibility overcame my desire to go back to sleep and I managed to make it to class on time if not terribly bright eyed.  First lecture was half Equine Behaiour lecture and half Case Study presented by my classmates.  The case study was hilarious but not terribly informative, I really hope we aren’t tested on it.  Second lecture was the last lecture on the Cardiovascular system and he lectured on Stress and Hypertension and then Exercise.  Both were interesting but I struggled to keep up because I was so tired.  Third lecture was Biochemistry and we finished up fat metabolism and moved onto proteins, I still have trouble keeping up with him and feel drained after his lectures.  Fourth lecture was Anatomy and it was Awesome.  It was drawing parts of the nervous system, and even though I’m terrible at drawing, it was fun and engaging and I remember more from it than I do from the other lectures.

After lectures I had a group meeting for the case study we are presenting tomorrow morning.  We looked over the power point and decided who was going to say which parts.  I get to talk about positive reinforcement and negative punishment as ways to get a horse to stop rearing.  Should be good.

After that was the Biochem tutorial which was actually quite helpful in getting the big picture stuff that he leaves out of lectures.  When that was done my future flatmates and I went and looked at a potential place to live next year.  The place was really nice, but not what we need.  There weren’t enough bedrooms, it was too far from school, and the yard wasn’t set up for dogs.  Hopefully we can find a better place.  One with the same number of bedrooms as advertised on line.

Finding a new normal

Things aren’t back to normal, and I’m not sure they ever will be, but we are working toward a new normal.  My bestie is still in a bad way, but he has people with him who can spare the time and I need to get back to my studies.  I saw him twice over the weekend and he is able to laugh again and push through most of the bad stuff.  He says there are still times when he seriously considers suicide as a viable option for him, but those occasions are getting fewer.

I went back to school today and made it to and through all of my lectures.  The stuff that I missed out on is covered pretty well in the study guides and slides posted on line so I’m not too worried about that.  Tomorrow is the second Anatomy midterm (of three) and I have been studying for it, though not as much as the last one since my focus is a bit off.   I have also had a headache all day today which is throwing off my focus and ability to remember things.  Left temporal region, throbbing and sharp combined, not light or sound sensitive, not directly behind the eye, just mostly driving me crazy and making it nearly impossible to read things.

Quote of the day for classes last week: “surgery without anesthetic can be hilarious”

Quote of the day for classes today: “a Mexican Wave” (referring to…the wave…you know, when people stand up then sit back down at say a sporting event? yeah…apparently its Mexican out here)

I don’t even know where to start with that one, so I will leave it at that.