Almost done

Gasp! Shock Horror! I’m almost finished with my final year of vet school and this blog is not much to show for it…sorry

In other exciting news, my Fiancee Visa application for my darling partner in crime, Ducky,  has been accepted! so we will be moving forward with that and I will be bringing my darling bride home with me!

On the vet side of things, I have completed all of my core rosters and now just get to finish up my externships, special topics, and track rosters.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in all parts of the vet hospital and if it weren’t for my health concerns, I would most definitely consider pursuing a large animal or mixed practice career.  Gosh I just love cows and sheep…maybe I’ll look for work in Norco where they have all sorts of cool large animals ^_~.

My schedule for the rest of the year isn’t too bad.  The one week of vacation I have scheduled is right in the butter zone for when the US consulate will be looking to have my darling Kiwi and I come in for an interview *sigh* such is life.  We will move things around in a heartbeat for that though, it is way more important than taking pictures in Queenstown.  Plus that will give us an excuse to go travelling after the wedding (December 17!) .

I should probably stop procrastinating and actually get some work done today…its almost lunch time and I’ve spent entirely too much time just dancing with joy after finding out about the visa application stuff.


Toodaloo my little possums! Have fun in Internet land!


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