Through the Haze

Made it through exams and to the other side.  I am applying for Impaired Performance tomorrow when I go to see the shrink.  With that, I should have passed them all.  I’m generally pretty good at exams and they asked questions that I knew answers to, so I should be set.  Now I am counting down the days until I get to go home to the States to see my family and friends.  This week I will be packing up my room into various boxes (TV and Xbox are totally going last, but bookshelves and other bricabrack will be boxed up as much as possible).

I visited a couple of friends down in Lower Hutt over the weekend. We putzed around town for a bit on Saturday and I bought a much needed new bra for $20 (its a nice one too).  We had a lovely lunch at Burger Fuel and then drove along the coast and had some white wine in the sunshine.  The wine we had was very interesting, a white Pino Noir (yeah I was sceptical at first too, don’t worry).  Essentially they took the skins off of the Pino Noir grapes so that the wine was white instead of red.  It was quite fruity with some of the tannins still detectable making it almost dry as well.  It had a smooth finish (and now I feel like a total wine noob) and I really enjoyed it.  Enough that if I could find a bottle I would probably actually drink it.  For dinner we had roast chicken and chips (potatoes totally count as a vegetable), and then went to a gay bar called S&M’s (Scotty and Mal’s).  There wasn’t a lot going on, but I met a number of new people who were very nice.  On Sunday, my one of my friends and I got a massage at the East Day Spa in Wellington.  We got the Monsoon package (which you can look at if you follow that link) and it was amazing.  I felt so relaxed that I almost fell asleep several times.  The giant knots in my shoulders are considerably smaller than they were, and my skin is nice and soft and not angry at me all the time.  After our rubdown we met another friend for lunch.  I had delicious stuffed mushrooms on toast and good conversation.  Then we went back to my friend’s house and napped.  She made a delicious lamb roast for dinner and then I drove back home.  Apparently the Beast gets pretty good gas milage (kilometerage?) as it only took half a tank to get there and back (much better than I was expecting).  Its still an expensive trip, but not as bad as I had initially estimated.

Today (and last Friday) I tutored a friend in Cell Biology.  She has her final exam tomorrow and needs to pass it so that she can move on to other classes.  This is her third time through the class and even though she knows the material, she stresses out with exams and then psychs herself out.  I have been going over some of the things that she has confused herself on and untangled the knots.  She should be able to pass with a pretty good mark if she can remember to relax and breathe.

Now to head to bed because I am very tired from my vacation.


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