Just Keep Swimming

I reviewed more Anatomy and Physiology today.  I avoided respiration and focused on the other things.  I ate an apple and cheese over the course of three hours, then half a brownie-mug, and for dinner I had leftover pizza from last night.  So I have at least been feeding myself.  Not the best diet, but better than nothing.  Reviewing is extremely boring and I hate it, but it is helping me re-orient where all of the information is so that I can look it up faster during the “hard core” study sessions.

I went grocery shopping for the first time in weeks.  It was an expensive trip, but I have things to sustain me while I’m studying.  Proper breakfasts and lunches will definitely help.  I also have some good dinner ideas.  Cooking always relaxes me so hopefully it will help.  I still need to buy my beers for after the tests, but that can wait till next week.  I also still need to pick up Sunday’s roast, so I should be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Oh, I also got my grades back for my last two tests.  Anatomy (which was the week after my bestie’s suicide) I managed a 70% on about 2 hours of study, so not going to apply for impaired performance (it would only bump me up about 5%, so not really worth it).  Physiology was an average of about 70% overall with the breakdown being: Histology ~56%, Cardiology ~70%, and Endocrinology ~82%.  Considering that I only really studied Endocrinology, guessed about 50% of Cardiology, and briefly glanced through Histology the day before, I’ll take it.

That’s it for now.  Boldly going forward ’cause we can’t find reverse.


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