Study Break before exams

Today I did some study for Anatomy and Physiology.  I had to stop some of the Physiology study because it was too difficult to read about the body’s reaction to decreased oxygen and increased carbon dioxide, but I got some done and I’ll put that in the win column.  Tomorrow is another day.  Each day gets a little easier, and then I have moments where its not any easier at all.  I helped pack up his house on Saturday, reclaimed some of the things that were mine, picked up some things that were his to remember him by.  I still haven’t been able to eat reliably.  I’ll think that I’m ok enough to eat something and then halfway through an apple I’ll start feeling over full and sick.  So I’m still struggling with things.  I’m still processing.  Thankfully I haven’t remembered any of my dreams as of late.  I don’t really want to know how my subconscious is processing things.  I had lunch with a classmate today, tomorrow I’m meeting another friend for coffee or something.  Wednesday I have nothing planned, but Thursday is my appointment with the Councillor.  Friday is a movie night with my friends who have been my biggest support group.  I’m trying to find normal.  I slept funny last night and my back has been hurting all day.  Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.


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