Physiology Midterm 2

That test can die.  It can burn to death and then crawl into a hole and DIE.  There was way too much information and not nearly enough time to study it and definitely not enough time to actually take the test.  We will see how that turns out.  No use worrying about it anymore. Ska is the word of the day.

In better news, I got my Animal Handling test back today with a grade of 80%.  Definitely not bad for being sick for a full week of lectures and making up answers on the spot for parts of it.  It’s been a big confidence boost for just about everyone in the class.  For the question that I made up answers for half of it, I got 8/10 points.  I’m impressed with that alone.  It might be below average but I’m happy with it.  For the amount of study that I put in and the fact that one question was on something that I didn’t study at all, its a respectable grade.

Lectures today were sparsely attended as quite a few people chose to stay home and study rather than attend lectures that are relevant to the final exams.  I don’t understand that mentality at all. Why would you sacrifice your final grade for a few extra study hours on a midterm?  It makes absolutely no sense to me.  Then again one of my flatmates attends almost none of her lectures and is still passing so I guess its a viable strategy.  Just not the strategy I prefer since I tend to learn better when I hear information while reading it.

So in Animal Handling this morning we learned about sheep handling, which was the same as last year’s sheep handling but much quicker.  In Physiology there was more on respiration which included more math but still seems pretty straight forward.  In Anatomy there was more locomotion focusing on gaits of horses.

After Anatomy was RADIC (Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Club)  where we went through a few chest X-rays of dogs with various problems and then voted for next year’s club representatives.  Only one person ran for each position so it was an easy vote.

The test was two hours earlier than I expected so while I managed to study Endocrinology pretty well, I didn’t get anything done in Cardiology and only barely covered Histology last night.  During the test I left a few of the histology questions blank, but feel confident in about 80% of the answers, rushed through endocrinology but only guessed on about 20%, and gave myself extra time for cardiology where I guessed a good 50% of the answers.  Luckily cardiology was multiple choice so I have some chance of still getting it right.  I thought through as logically as I could each answer, we will see how it goes.

When I got home I comforted myself with another Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Reel Big Fish.  Now it is bedtime.  Hopefully tomorrow isn’t too draining.


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