Hind limbs are not as cool as front limbs

Today was difficult to get out of bed again, thanks to rain and darkness due to daylight savings and living in a rainy place.  Somehow I was able to drag my sorry carcass out of bed and to school on time and ready to give the presentation with my group.  We did well and got compliments from other people both on the presentation and on the horse (to the horse owner not the rest of us, that would have been weird).

First lecture this morning was about cattle yards, I’ve already seen/heard that lecture so I didn’t have to pay too much attention.  Second lecture we started in on Respiration in Physiology and there was WAY too much mat involved.  I kept up but not sure I followed.  Thankfully we don’t need to know the equations or use them for anything, just understand the concepts, which I should be able to do.  Third lecture started in on locomotion, which I would think would be a physio thing but apparently we are doing it in Anatomy.

We got our Anatomy Assignments back today.  I managed a 6/10, which is passing and only slightly below average which was 7/10 so not terrible.  The comments said that the writing was adequate but lacked polish (well it was a rough draft that I couldn’t be bothered sprucing up since its a tiny percent of the overall grade), and that the picture was adequate but didn’t add anything (well I’m not an artist, he was lucky I included one at all).  So for what I turned in it was a fair grade.

For lunch I really wanted a burger, but the only burgers in the cafeteria were fish burgers and I wanted a chicken one, so no burger for me.  Instead I ate the lunch that I packed, and it was good, but not a burger.

Lab today continued with the hind limb, working on the last of the upper limb and then moving down to the lower limb between the stifle (knee) and hock (heel).  We were not focused or very awake so it took forever, but we managed to finish before we got kicked out.  We couldn’t find everything we were supposed to look for, but there were pro-sections done by the demonstrators that were labeled that we could look at so we didn’t miss anything.

After lab I drove one of my classmates home (she lives really close to me and on the way to pizza) and then picked up pizza for dinner.  Not cooking is the best kind of cooking for after lab.  Plus no dishes.  I have had a headache since lab ended and been exhausted most of the day, so I haven’t studied anything.  Getting a good night’s sleep so that I can be awake tomorrow is more important than studying when I won’t retain anything.  So good night internet world, until we meet again, adieu.


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