Almost forgot to post tonight

This time I can blame it on studying though, which is a much better potential excuse (that I can save for later because I didn’t have to use it this time).  Physiology test is on Wednesday so I’m doing plenty of study mixed with breaks for relaxing my focusing muscles.

Daylight Savings was this weekend, so I lost an hour of sleep between Saturday and Sunday during a time when I really should have been sleeping but was instead up watching movies with one of my friends that I made my first year of pre-vet.  The movies were terrible but the company was good.  I managed to get some study done over the weekend, but not nearly as much as I had hoped because on Sunday I ended up feeling really lousy and slept for a good chunk.

Today I woke up and there was no sun streaming through my window to greet me.  This made me grumpy, and sapped all of my desire to actually get out of bed.  Unfortunately the tug of responsibility overcame my desire to go back to sleep and I managed to make it to class on time if not terribly bright eyed.  First lecture was half Equine Behaiour lecture and half Case Study presented by my classmates.  The case study was hilarious but not terribly informative, I really hope we aren’t tested on it.  Second lecture was the last lecture on the Cardiovascular system and he lectured on Stress and Hypertension and then Exercise.  Both were interesting but I struggled to keep up because I was so tired.  Third lecture was Biochemistry and we finished up fat metabolism and moved onto proteins, I still have trouble keeping up with him and feel drained after his lectures.  Fourth lecture was Anatomy and it was Awesome.  It was drawing parts of the nervous system, and even though I’m terrible at drawing, it was fun and engaging and I remember more from it than I do from the other lectures.

After lectures I had a group meeting for the case study we are presenting tomorrow morning.  We looked over the power point and decided who was going to say which parts.  I get to talk about positive reinforcement and negative punishment as ways to get a horse to stop rearing.  Should be good.

After that was the Biochem tutorial which was actually quite helpful in getting the big picture stuff that he leaves out of lectures.  When that was done my future flatmates and I went and looked at a potential place to live next year.  The place was really nice, but not what we need.  There weren’t enough bedrooms, it was too far from school, and the yard wasn’t set up for dogs.  Hopefully we can find a better place.  One with the same number of bedrooms as advertised on line.


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