Physiology lab day

Drove myself to school again, getting close to the end of my 1/4 tank of gas so I probably won’t drive tomorrow.  Since I drove myself, I didn’t have to sit around in the library for an hour waiting for my lecture and instead had a very lazy morning.  It was quite pleasant.

Lecture was Biochemistry and we learned about fatty acid synthesis in the liver.  The lectures are finally getting into new material so they are actually interesting.  However, I got back my grade for the midterm for Biochemistry and am less than impressed.  Not terribly surprised since I couldn’t answer one of the 10 point questions, but still disappointed overall.  The points that I earned for each question: 1) 9.5/10, 2) 7.5/10, 3)  7/10, 4) 1.5/5, 5) 1.5/5, 6) 8/10, 7) 3/10, 8) 3.5/5, 9) 5/5, for a total grade of 66.4%.  This is a passing mark but still depressing as it is the lowest score I have received on any test this semester.  The average mark for the test was 69% and the top mark was 97% so my grade is firmly below average.  This is also the first time that I have been below average on a test.  Guess I will have to study harder and not rely so much on my prior knowledge.

Physiology lab today was about blood pressure.  We learned how to take blood pressure and pulse and filled out several tables.  Not sure what we were supposed to get out of them.  At the end of the lab we watched a neat vivisection on a sheep where they did a lot of terrible things to it (while it was anesthetized) like compress its chest and abdomen, inject it with adrenalin, stimulating the vagus nerve (which stopped the heart when done at a high enough volt/amp), and pinching off the carotid arteries.  It was an old video and I’m reasonably sure they killed the sheep after and used it for a class or something.  It means we don’t have to do the experiments ourselves and can save all of the modern sheep from that.  I took my blood pressure and pulse with the automatic machine that we used for part of the lab.  Something is wrong with me because sitting in lab not doing anything my blood pressure was 141/97, my mean arterial pressure was 117 mmHg, and my pulse was 87 bpm.  Which was higher than our test subject during heavy exercise.  Its either from being sick or I was having some sort of secret panic attack that only my body knew I was having.  Looks like I should go see the doctor again.  My lymph nodes are still swollen (though not as bad) and I’ve been coughing for a couple of weeks.  I wish that I had one of those portable digital blood pressure cuffs so that I could take it again while I am home and resting.  Its got me a little spooked.

I’m starting to study for the Physiology test that is next week.  It covers endocrinology and cardiovascular physiology as well as the histology labs.  I guess this is instead of having a separate practical exam.  The cardiovascular part will be multi-choice, the endocrinology will be short answer, and the histology will be anybody’s guess.  So that is taking up most of my “free” time.

My bestie “friend broke up” with me today.  I’m surprisingly relieved by it.  It means that I no longer have to throw energy into something that is not giving me anything back.  It means I have closure.  I have been dancing to Ska music all afternoon (when not studying or eating) and that has helped me get through the more intense emotions.  This puts me at 4/5 best friends walking out of my life.  Not the best track record, maybe I should fix my picker.  Or stop turning my best friends into siblings or dating them so that they leave the “best friend” box and enter the “family” or “significant other” box.


That’s it for me tonight.  Here is a picture of the Beast.


My vehicle

it has a butterfly sticker on the passenger side back window because he is secure in his masculinity


3 thoughts on “Physiology lab day

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    I won’t leave you. (I know this doesn’t help.)

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