Tired again

Seems to be a recurring theme with the day after the test.  I’ll be going to bed early tonight to make up for it.  I drove myself to lectures this morning as my flatmate left the house before I even woke up.  Not sure where she is, but she hasn’t come back yet.

We have been bombarded with campaign speeches from various third year students all week as voting for various elected positions is on Friday.  We have heard why we should pick Boys For Bar and why we should pick Girls For Bar.  We have been given compelling reasons for both presidential candidates and both secretary candidates.  Honestly, I don’t care.  I don’t know any of them well enough to know if they are suited to the job.  The BFB campaign did promise some non-alcohol related activities and that does appeal to me.  The others are pretty arbitrary, either way I’m sure whoever gets the job will do well.

The Girls For Bar campaign speech made us late for the RADIC meeting so I missed the first half of the first case (or maybe the first case and the first half of the second case).  The part that I did see involved fluid in the space around the lungs.  The next case was a poor dog that kept coming up lame on the same leg.  The first time was a torn ligament that was repaired, the second time was a broken toe (caught in a fence as she was jumping over) and the third was noticed after the toe was repaired as joint problems in the metatarsal joints.  The thought is that the initial surgery caused an infection which has been slowly eating away at the bone.  Once they figure out what type of bacteria is in there they will treat it aggressively and then fuse the joint because there is no more cartilage to make it comfortable to move.  This dog is a very high value working dog so the expensive surgeries to keep her working are worth it.  The next one was a dog that came in because it had collapsed and was having trouble breathing.  The poor thing pretty much had no lung space that was functional and was in kidney failure.  They drained over 2 mililetres of fluid from around its lungs and the x-rays showed pretty much that there was no part of its lungs that were functional.  The last one was a dog that came in for abdominal bleeding.  They took ultrasound first and noticed air filled nodules around the liver so they took radiographs.  On the radiograph it was clear that the liver was enlarged and that gas filled tumors were pushing the other organs out of the way.  The bleeding was coming from the liver.  The poor dog also had very clear tumors in the lungs.

After RADIC I took a walk around campus and sat by the river/stream thing.  It was nice to be out on a sunny day, especially since it is supposed to be rainy for the foreseeable future.  Then I went to see the councilor at the school and talked about a lot of the issues that I have been having.  I have things to work on now to help me be more stable.  No worries, I’m not nor have I ever been at risk for self harm, just on an emotional roller coaster that is no fun.

Leftover minestrone soup for dinner and lots of relaxing tea.


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