Tuesday’s post

I apologize for missing last night’s post, I ended up going to a movie at the last minute and by the time I got home it was past my bedtime.  The movie was the latest Resident Evil, if you were curious.  I rather enjoyed it, laughed at what some might consider inappropriate moments, and let myself get sucked in enough to be startled when the baddies jumped out.  My favourite parts were: 1) strong female protagonist, 2) strong female antagonist, 3) Michelle Rodriguez (she was my favourite character in the first movie and while I missed a few in the middle, I like what they did with her in this one).

Yesterday for class I actually missed my first lecture (Animal Handling), but if it was anything like today’s lecture all I need to do is read the study guide, more on that in another post.  I missed this lecture because my usual ride to school, my flatmate, didn’t have an 8am lecture so didn’t leave until closer to 9am.  I made it to second lecture (Physiology) and took good notes on the cardiac system as a pump.  Anatomy was also on the cardiac and pulmonary systems and I was able to get good notes on that as well.

After the two hour lunch break was Anatomy Lab where we got to slice into the heart of our dogs.  We also watched the demonstrator cut open a horse heart and then compared that with our dog’s heart.  After going through the preserved material, we were given unpreserved hearts (the animal origin of which I cannot recall).  The differences between the three hearts were very interesting and we had a good time going through them.  We finished lab by about 4:30pm and I took the bus home.

Not wanting to cook because I’m usually exhausted on lab nights, I ordered pizza and was taken to pick it up by my friend from Hawaii.  When I told the girl behind the counter my name, she looked and could not find anything.  She then looked in the computer when I assured her that I had ordered one on line and that it indicated that the pizza was ready to be picked up.  She then told me that they didn’t have any orders for any Justin.  Wow.  Just.  I don’t even.  I corrected her on my name (and wondered how she hadn’t thought “oh this is a female maybe I misheard the male name and this one that looks vaguely similar could be it), got my pizza, and went home to consume it in peace.  After my ever so healthy dinner, I got popcorn at the theater.  So healthy.

Today’s post will come along after I am done with school.


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