The fan has found the excrement

My bestie’s girlfriend committed suicide over the weekend.  I’m not going to pretend that I liked her or that I thought she was a good person, because I sat powerless while she hurt him over and over.  He is now considering suicide himself.  I needed time to get over my own issues before I could help him with his.  I needed to set a boundary, and now he has decided that it would be best if he ended his own life so that he stops hurting people.  As much as I hated her for hurting him, I never wanted this to happen.  I’m struggling.  Seeing a councilor.  But school is not very forefront in my thoughts.  I don’t know when I will post about school again.


4 thoughts on “The fan has found the excrement

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    We’ll talk about this elsewhere, but I just wanted to say this here : I understand why school would be one of the last things on your mind right now, but I think you might want to re-evaluate that. Your *dream* is to become a vet. You worked *your ass off* to get where you have, and you’ve already gotten a lot of scares about losing where you are. Are you really going to let these children (I’m sorry, but that’s what they are) who are *not* adding anything but drama to your life jeopardize your dreams?

    • nzvetstudent says:

      i’m not missing much…biochem i have the lecture slides for and can get notes from classmates…the lab i can also get from classmates (its not mandatory so i won’t fail the paper just by missing a lab)…my flatmate is going to campus around 10 and i can hitch a ride and make it to lab if i’m feeling up to it…but i am planning on some self-care tomorrow

  2. Taboo says:

    Take care of yourself, NZ.

    This if fucking rough. You are not alone, though. Your instinct to seek counseling is a good one.

    You’re in my thoughts. I hope you get an opportunity to update soon, just to let us know that you’re making it through.

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