Finally Friday

Somehow the week seemed to go by quickly right up until after the tests, then it slowed right down.  I am so ready for a weekend and sleeping in.  Hopefully this weekend of rest will help me recover quickly so that I can have some time where I’m not sick.

Lectures today went well, finished sheep behaviour with a video and then went on to cattle where we learned about beef bulls (dairy bulls are a whole different ball game…bull game?).  After Animal Handling we finished up lectures on gluconeogenesis in Biochemistry and started in on glycogen.  There is only one lecture left form this lecturer and I am very glad of that.  I don’t think I could take much more of her bizarre behaviour and random temper.

After lectures I hung out in the vet tower until it was time to pay for my clothes (which should be in within a month and then embroidered a couple weeks after that, so before I leave for home) and head to Grand Rounds.  The topics today were a puppy with Tetanus, a beef bull in Kentucky with genital warts, and a small breed fluffy dog with a foreign object up its nose.

The tetanus puppy showed up with an awkward, stiff gait and had all of the classic signs of tetanus. They gave him muscle relaxants and a vaccine to boost the immune response and monitored the puppy to make sure he didn’t develop any complications.  One thing that was pointed out by a lecturer/grader was that with tetanus cases you have to drastically increase the energy in because with constant contractions of the muscles the animals are burning an incredible amount of energy.  This puppy didn’t have full lock jaw so they fed him orally, but its something to remember and keep an eye out for.  The presenter who gave this topic was very animated and interesting to watch.  She did a great job presenting and made the topic interesting even though it was a pretty boring and straight forward case.

The bull with genital warts was interesting because I didn’t know that there was a bovine pappiloma virus.  Apparently there are vaccines for some strains, including the strain that affects the genitals, but its not used very often.  There are also (apparently) about 12 different strains of the virus, all affecting different areas of the animal (some prefer mouth, some shoulder, back, rump, legs, etc).  The virus usually clears up on its own and doesn’t cause any problems, but the animal was not breeding sound because of it.  It can be transmitted sexually so breeding the bull would have been very unwise.  The farmer chose to treat by surgically removing the wart because he was worried about the bull’s ability to extend and retract his penis.  The surgery went well with no complications and no need for sutures.  All in all a straightforward and not terribly interesting case that was presented well and made interesting.

The last case, which should have been interesting because there was mystery and suspense, was so boring that I almost didn’t remember what it was about.  The dog was referred by its usual vet because it had nasal discharge.  That vet had treated a presumed bacterial infection, and while the nasal discharge improved (was less mucusy), it didn’t clear up.  That vet did not have the tools necessary to proceed, so referred them to Massey.  The Massey vets went immediately for CT scan and a nasal scope.  The CT was first to find where the issue was, followed by the scope to check it out.  The CT showed a soft mass in the left nasal passage that had caused quite a bit of damage, including breaking through the septum.  They thought this could be a tumor, a fungal infection, or a foreign body.  Foreign body was actually lower on the list because the patient did not present with the usual “got a stick jammed up its nose” symptoms (the problem had been occurring for months).  When they went in with the scope they found a very large (longer than 3cm) grass seed lodged in there.  They extracted the object and puppy went home happy as a clam that day.  The reason this case was so boring was because the presenter was terrible.  He clearly did not want to be there, was terrified, and could not make an interesting case interesting to save his life.  I feel bad for him and feel like maybe vet school should include some public speaking seminars or something.

After Grand Rounds I caught the bus home and watched old episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with my best girl back home.  Now I am very tired and definitely ready for bed.  Hopefully the neighbors will be cooperative and not exceedingly noisy.


One thought on “Finally Friday

  1. Taboo says:

    I hope you had a nice, restful weekend that left you feeling better 🙂

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