Post Test Tired

Yes, again I woke up this morning ready to go back to sleep for another week.  But I dragged myself out of bed and met the day head on.  I took my first antibiotic, got ready for school, and even managed to gag down breakfast through the nausea.  Thankfully my mum loves me and sent me a care package with antiemetics so that when I feel like throwing up, I can stop feeling like throwing up.  I also discovered today that while the package suggests taking it on an empty stomach, its much less nauseating when taken with food.  Hopefully that doesn’t hurt its effectiveness because I prefer not feeling sick.

First lecture was Biochemistry and she had the audacity to ask us how we thought the test went.  The general consensus was grumpy groaning and moaning.  She was not impressed, but also didn’t want to waste any time talking about it, so jumped straight into lecture.  Which was fine by me since I don’t think she would have found the video I posted very amusing.

After lecture was a histology lab, the last histology lab for this year.  We looked at cardiac and respiratory tissues.  My head was already hurting and I was already feeling sick before we even went into the lab.  I sat through the lecture at the begining, took good notes, and then went through the slides as quickly as possible so that my headache wouldn’t be prolonged indefinitely.  I was done with lab in about an hour.

After lab I met up with my bestie and we talked a bit.  Then I picked up my text books that I had ordered at the beginning of the year, and ordered clothes from the clothing sale.  Those should be in before the end of the semester, some of them embroidered with the vet logo.  After that it was lunch time and then home time.  My backpack was incredibly heavy with all of the books so I rode the bus the long way around to the close bus stop (usually I get off at Cook street and walk the block to my street since we are almost on the corner of Cook and it cuts about 10 minutes off the trip).  My shoulders still hurt a bit from the weight.

Now I am extremely tired and very ready for bed.  Tomorrow is two lectures followed by paying for the clothes that I ordered today (I was $20 short and its cash only and they had to leave for a lab) and then Grand Rounds.  I promise to post about the cases that I remember.


2 thoughts on “Post Test Tired

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    I keep meaning to ask – why “bestie”?

    • nzvetstudent says:

      thats just what we ended up calling eachother…not sure where it came from but it works…also gets autocorrected to “beastly” which we both find HILARIOUS ^_^

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