Test day: Animal Handling

This morning was the mid-semester exam for Animal Behaviour, Handling, and Welfare.  The test itself wasn’t too difficult, but upper classmen have warned us that Kevin Stafford is a tough grader.  Luckily he is also equally tough on everyone, so even though we will get answers wrong, we will likely all get just as many wrong answers as everyone else, so the curve will be low but most of us will get good grades.  Not sure if that is a good thing, but as long as I pass, I should be okay.

After the test we had Physiology lecture taught by the Anatomy paper coordinator (the lecturer for the first 15 or so lectures in Anatomy).  This apparently confused a number of my classmates into thinking that we had Anatomy instead of Physiology.  I fear for the future of the veterinary profession.

After Physiology was a one hour break during which I took my sick throat over to the Massey Doctors to get looked at.  I was booked in to see the triage nurse and was seen within fifteen minutes of my arrival.  Unfortunately because my strep wasn’t BAD enough (only slight yellowing of my tonsils not “big white fluffy clouds”) they couldn’t do anything for me today.  She did get me an appointment with one of the doctors tomorrow during the same time slot though.  Hopefully by then my throat will be bad enough to get some attention.  These doctors are absolutely useless.  Though that’s probably why they work at the school, only a captive audience and revolving door of new faces can keep them in business.

Anatomy was the same lecturer again, which made me happy though annoyed some of my classmates who can’t get past her accent.  We learned about the function and embriology of the upper respiratory system.  Again she finished early but had a lot of good information.

After lectures were finished we all piled into the vet tower to get our free polo shirts with the Massey Vet logo embroidered on them.  These are supposed to make us look more professional at practicals and work experience.  Mostly its just another shirt in my drawer so that I don’t have to do laundry as often.  It is purple and black though so that is cool.  Maybe I’ll post a pic when I get a chance.

Lab today was focusing on the thoracic cavity so we got to crush some ribs.  The snapping sound was actually really satisfying and the process was a lot more fun than I expected.  One of my table mates is now nicknamed Bone Crusher because she did most of the crushing.  We made it through lab in record time (finished before 4) and found all of the things we needed to find.  The fourth year demonstrators were actually kinda impressed.  Though we did get a bit of a slow start trying to figure out where to cut (and ran into the deep pectoral muscle rib-blocking us like a punk) we did an awesome job and only cut the lungs a little bit.

Tomorrow is the Biochem midterm, I am not worried.  We are done with lectures at noon, then RADIC till one, then nothing till the test at seven.  There will be plenty of time to review and helping others study will help me study.

I got my carepackage from the states today as well.  It had Goldfishes, chocolate, Pirate Booty (so excited) and a shirt that smells like home.  I am a happy camper.


One thought on “Test day: Animal Handling

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    Stupid doctors need to fix my Name-Twin. Also, it sounds like you’re rocking your tests/classes. Go you!

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