First Monday Back (after the study break)

After three weeks off due to a combination of illness and scheduled study break it was actually really nice to be back at school.  I missed the routine and the schedule and the people.  I even enjoyed sitting in lecture for hour stretches.  Even the long hikes between classes didn’t seem so bad.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I really am a school nerd.

We started the deer section in Animal Handling today, new lecturer.  Its not nearly as much fun as listening to Kevin Stafford’s Irish accent, but the deer guy is pretty interesting and I like learning about deer.  Its mostly the same lecture he gave when I took Animal Health, Behaviour, and Welfare last year, but he does tailor it a bit for vet students.  The midterm for this class is tomorrow, I’m not terribly worried about it.

In Physiology we had our last endocrinology lecture (which I already went over thanks to not knowing where to stop during my makeup study over the break).  The computer wasn’t working so we worked entirely off of the overhead projector, which was not ideal.  His handwriting is very messy and he talks way too fast.  Overall it was not the best lecture but I don’t feel like I missed out on any important information so its okay.

In Biochemistry we finished up the lecture on regulation of glycolysis.  This stuff is still pretty much review for me so it was easy and a nice mental break.  The midterm for this class is on Wednesday.  I looked over the previous year’s midterms and feel confident in my ability to pass easily.

In Anatomy we started on the thoracic cavity and learned all about ribs and muscles and sternum.  This was also a new lecturer, a woman with a thick Indian accent.  She was perky and fun and not terribly difficult to understand (though she did try her hardest to make herself as understandable as possible).  I really enjoyed her lecture and hope we get at least one more with her.  She even ended early even though she engaged the class with questions and such.

After lectures was a SVECCS meeting.  The presenter talked about all of the random side effects and negative reactions that horses can have to commonly used drugs (including penicillin and alpha blockers).  It was a very interesting talk, this is one of my favourite clubs to be a part of.

After SCECCS there was an hour break before the tutorial for Biochem.  I sat in the vet tower and had my lunch (and more tea for my throat) until a scheduled fire drill.  When I was ousted from my comfy spot in the vet tower, I wandered over to the AgHort building where the tutorial was being held.  After sitting there for about fifteen minutes, you guessed it, another fire drill.  This time I was able to wait it out with my classmates at the fire assembly point before heading back inside for the tut (pronounced toot, its kiwi slang I guess).  Most of the questions people asked were really good, and most of the answers were along the lines of “don’t worry too much about the nitty gritty details.” Which prompted me to post to FaceBook “Damnit Jim, I’m a Doctor not a Biochemist!”

I took the bus home and stopped in at the pharmacy that I pass on the way home from the far bus stop to get throat lozenges.  They are called ManukaGuard Honey Lozenges with 100% pure active Manuka Honey (whatever that means).  I like them because its like eating honey.  Well apparently it IS eating honey (pretty precisely).  Supposedly it “soothes throats and supports healing” but whatever they taste good and while I’m sucking on them I can ignore the pain in my throat.  I did a self examination (using a flashlight and a mirror) and have decided that its most likely strep throat, so I am taking myself to the doctor sometime this week for antibiotics.  Ah the joys of a less than optimum immune system.  Though at least my joints have been better.

I’m off to bed so that I can shuffle around all of the information that I have on Animal Handling for the test tomorrow.



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