Last Friday of the break

Today wasn’t nearly as productive as I had intended.  I think I’m coming down with another cold.  I have the slightly runny nose, dry scratchy throat, and a tickle in my lungs threatening to make me cough.  Good thing I have sniffle tea, honey, and ginger.  I think I will buy lemons the next time I go shopping so that I can make my lemon tea that seems to help me recover faster (I don’t care if it’s a placebo effect, I’ll take what I can get).

I did study some of my Animal Handling notes, even though I couldn’t focus very well.  I got through about half the lectures that are going to be covered, and it was all pretty easy stuff.  I have found that joking with my friends about some of the stuff is a good way for me to remember the things I’m going over.  Like how crazy cats are, and how puppies are born in a larval form and have to pupate before they become cute (our professor actually refers to them as slugs).  That and amusing them with bits of random information they didn’t have before, like that there were never any wolves in Ireland so the Irish Wolf Hound is purely a human creation for the sake of creation (scaled up Deer Hounds with their best attribute being their tolerance for bag pipes).

Shadow was a bit of a pest today.  He would NOT leave me alone.  When I went to make myself a sandwich for lunch (grilled cheese with tomato and avocado, amazingly good), he followed me into the kitchen and then proceeded to headbutt me and clamour for attention.  I figured that my Feline Overlord wanted tribute from the wet cat food sachet, but no he was not pleased by my offering.  I ate my lunch and still he was pestering me for Something.  Every time I tried to pet him he would nuzzle my hand and then walk away.  Finally I realised that he was looking for playtime.  He was frustrated that the weather was not permitting him his usual outside time and needed a good distraction.  A rousing game of stringaling was just what he needed.  After we played he went right to the food dish and stuffed his little black face.

Tomorrow I will again attempt studying, even though it is Saturday.  Because I have a midterm coming up and those don’t allow for weekends.  It will require copious amounts of tea, but I will succeed.


a friend of mine turned me onto an new band called Flyleaf (they’ve been around since 2004 but I only just how found them so they are new to me, like my used car).  So far I have liked every song of theirs that I have been able to find on the YouTubes.  Please, enjoy their music.  As my friend said, they are very grassy rootsy with a sincerity that you just don’t hear in music these days.


4 thoughts on “Last Friday of the break

  1. Taboo says:

    I’m listening to Flyleaf now. I really like their sound. Thanks for sharing!

    I hope you feel better and don’t end up getting sick.

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