Study Break day 8

Today I had intended to go out to sushi for lunch, but the wind was really bad so I stayed in.  I then tried to make roasted zucchini for lunch (with a balsamic vinegar reduction and garlic toast), but that failed because the zucchini was off.  So instead I stayed in, found articles to use as resources for my assignment, and asked my friend Hawaii to take me to the market when she was done milking cows.

I picked up some Caesar salad fixins and made myself a chicken Caesar salad for dinner (with garlic cheesy bread) and picked up ingredients to make my own re-fried beans and Spanish rice for the weekend.  But my day was not all about food (though I wish it were).  I also worked on my assignment by finding articles and taking notes on the relevant parts so that I can reference them easily in my paper.

I also ate some chocolate.  And made a Chai late.  Because those things plus academic articles are my happy place.


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