Study Break Week Two

I had a nice weekend of not doing anything study related at all.  I even had a nice lunch with the bestie on Sunday followed by watching the 13th Warrior.  I also played a great deal of Harvest Moon, because I love farming video games.

Today I buckled down and wrote my anatomy assignment.  We dissected the palmar carpal ligament and then had do describe  it in anatomical terms.  I kept it under 300 words as required.  Now all I have to do is draw it.  I have been practicing on scrap pieces of paper, but its not going to be pretty.  Thankfully we are not being graded on our drawing abilities.

Tonight I am having dinner with some friends I made back in my first year trying to get into vet.  Apparently they made nachos, so we shall see how they turn out.  She is a fantastic cook so it should be pretty delicious, but the access to good Mexican food (and supplies for making your own) are pretty limited.


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