Finally Friday: Study Break Day 5

Although it has been a pretty cruisey week, i’m glad its Friday.  I don’t have anything planned for the weekend, but i’m looking forward to not studying for a day.  I did some reading for my Animal Behaviour assignment.  We have to train an animal to do something and then write a report on it.  I trained my flatmate’s dog to sit when she wants attention (instead of jumping up and putting her paws on your leg, she is a small dog).  I was going to teach her to dance, but she and my flatmate are up north for the break so I won’t have time.  Getting her to sit has been a pretty big accomplishment though.

Shadow has been pretty snuggly all day today, he even fell asleep in my lap for a bit while I read webcomics and chatted on the internet with people back home.  Some of the best things from the internet today: a talking otter (I swear he says “really really” and “YES REALLY”), and home made lava (science is the best job ever, you get paid to make a real lava flow).


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