Captain’s log: Study Break Day 4

You may have noticed that I’m getting a little bored of the study break already.  I am still being productive though.  In four days I have caught up on all of my missed lectures.  Starting tomorrow I will begin work on my assignments.

My bestie flaked on me today, so I didn’t have anyone to have lunch with (my one social event planned for the week).  Instead I took myself to sushi for lunch.  I then walked to a New Agey store and bought some incense and stones, because I am one of those silly pagan people who likes that sort of thing.  I then biked over to the craft store and picked up some copper wire to use to make the stones into pendants.  The first one is done but I’m not sure how well it will hold up.  The copper is a bit too soft to hold the shape reliably so I may have to get a jewelers file and make grooves to sink it into.  Now if only I could pick one hobby and stick with it.

Tomorrow should be a good day.  That’s all for me tonight.


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