Mid semester break day 2

Today I continue to feel human and have completely freed myself from the tyranny of whatever it was that was keeping me down last week.  To celebrate I studied physiology and got caught up on the lectures that I missed last week.  We are almost done with the endocrinology section of the study guide, one more lecture and then the paper coordinator for Anatomy will be teaching us in physiology.  Not surprising as the two are inextricably linked, form to function and function to form.  I like the anatomy instructor, he doesn’t mind being derailed for loosely relevant deviations of interest (like why some birds hop while others walk).


Since I was feeling so much better, I actually cooked for the first time in what seems like forever (just over two weeks).  I made my amazing spaghetti sauce, and it was indeed amazing.  Capsicum was on sale so I was even able to include fresh red and green capsicum (bell pepper for those playing the home game).  I had initially intended to make lasagna, but decided that I really wanted a meat sauce.  It is very hearty.  To accompany my delicious sauce, I made garlic butter and liberally applied it to slices of baguette and then topped it with slices of mozzarella.  It was the best food I’ve eaten in over a week.  Angels weep for having missed out on it.



It was amazing, and I probably ate too much



2 thoughts on “Mid semester break day 2

  1. Surreal says:

    Wow J!! Such a lovely meat sauce …and garlic cheesy bread!!
    All this on top of the other illustrious soup made at the same time as the unpictured New England pot dinner that you ultimately made into sandwiches. Boris will be such a lucky puppy some day!! You remind me of me at that age making gormet meals.

    It’s almost, almost makes being sick worth it. If you become cash strapped let me know. I want you to continue to be able to have the ingredients needed for any lively and lovely dishes such as these.

  2. Taboo says:

    That does look tasty. Glad you’re feeling well enough to indulge in such deliciousness.

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