First day of the break

I am FINALLY feeling human again.  I was able to eat real food for all three meals today, and two of them yesterday, so I am reasonably convinced (though still cautiously optimistic, I do still have “sick people food” in my pantry) that I am over the worst of it.


So to celebrate, today I went through all of the biochemistry that I missed due to being sick last week.  And being the over-achiever that I am when I’m feeling good, I even went through the parts of the study guide that I hadn’t highlighted and put notes in from earlier in the semester (when I forgot it at home and used my computer for notes).  All in all, a reasonably productive day.  Tomorrow I intend to tackle physiology.


Today in the flat there was a lot of “home improvement” as ordered by the landlady.  First a guy came in to finally change the window in the bathroom from one that was permanently open slats to a permanently closed pane.  The house should be much warmer from now on.  While the window guy was finishing up, another guy came to fix the stove.  The pilot light wasn’t working very well on some of the burners and not at all for the oven.  He finished up in about an hour.  Around lunch time a team of guys showed up to install an HRV system.  They went room to room to show us where they were going to install everything, then got to work.  They needed to turn off the power to safely tie the unit into the thermostat, so that gave me about an hour or so of internet free study time (i was very productive).  Now the house should be less damp (much better for my health) and easier to heat during the day.  Finally around 5pm a guy came to attach another baseboard to the cabinet in the bathroom, which took him less than 10 minutes.


Now i have an hour or so to relax before bedtime, because I don’t have to get up at 6:30am this week.  Maybe I’ll do some more weaving while watching a movie.


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