I may have overdone it a little

I actually went to school today! I woke up this morning and felt a little off, but persevered and had a bowl of plain white rice for breakfast (since it worked so well last night).  Feeling no ill effects from my breakfast of choice, I proceeded to get dressed and pack my bag.  Then miraculously found my flatmate and confirmed that she was indeed driving today (which was good because I had already missed the bus at that point).  We drove to school and I went to class followed by lab.  I made it through both with only a minor headache and feeling a bit woozy for my trouble (the headache of course being from looking down a microscope when my whole body just wanted to go back to bed).  After my lab I met up with my bestie and we had lunch (I ate a very small amount of something my friend brought me on Sunday when I didn’t know what I was going to feed myself with for the week since I couldn’t stand long enough to cook), then I waited for him to finish his last lecture of the day and he drove me home.  Which is where i have stayed since.  I tried eating dinner, but it only made me feel worse.  Being in jammies seems to help a little, but i’m reasonably sure that I overdid it today and might need to not go again tomorrow.

Since I’m still not 100% back mentally that is all I have for you today.



Edited to add:


Something amusing DID happen in lecture today.  Well technically just before lecture started.  There is a thing coming up called “Skull Cup” where the different vet years form teams and compete against each other (and supposedly they are trying to get some med school students down from wherever that university is) for fame and fortune (or maybe a bar tab, I’m not sure).  The events have been advertised as DRY events, no drinking.  The guy who was talking to us about it said “that basically means don’t get caught”.  I can’t believe I live in a place where people can’t have a sporting event without needing alcohol.  Are they not worried about budding alcoholics?  I really don’t get it.  There are happy hour’s scheduled for AFTER the event.  That is at a bar, where they can get drunk if they want to.  Why oh why do they feel the need to sneak booze into a dry event? I fear I will never know.


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