Still sickly

I tried to go to classes today.  I even woke up early enough to catch the bus.  But when it took me 45 minutes to get through half a piece of toast, I realised that it just wasn’t going to happen.  So I put myself back to bed and slept for another few hours.  I then got up and ready for lab, and even caught the bus, but ended up being an hour earlier than intended.  Such is life when telling time is a skill long forgotten in the days of not being sick.  So I hung out for a bit in the foyer of the vet tower, chatted with friends while they ate lunch, and generally kept to myself so as to limit the risk of infecting everyone.  At 1pm there was a meeting for the equine club that I went to where one of the professors discussed Colic and when we should refer to surgery.  It was pretty interesting, but I could only pay attention to about half of it.  After that was anatomy lab where I chose to not touch anything and be an observer.  My lab group was ok with that and I was able to help point out a few things that I found in my picture atlas to the dissection of a dog.  At the end of the lab we looked at the structure that we are going to have to do a 300 word report on.  Thankfully we got a picture (that will not be shared on the internet as per our agreement) so that we can draw from the picture rather than scrambling to draw in the lab.  We also got measurements of the structure (the name of which I honestly can’t remember at the moment) and went over how to describe it “geographically” as in proximal to, distal to, lateral to, medial to, that sort of thing.


Now I am tired and going to bed even though it isn’t even 8:00 pm.


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