Post Test Exhaustion

I woke up this morning, still cat-less, and more tired than I have been all week.  The last few days I have been able to wake up bright and ready to go, and this morning all I wanted to do was go back to sleep.  Which I could have done, easily, because it was biochem (carbohydrate metabolism which I have done) and a histology lab that I can see much better images on line than we get in the lab.  But I was a trooper and sucked it up buttercup and all those good things, went to class and learned stuff, damnit.

In biochemistry I actually learned specific things about the proteins in the Electron Transport Chain that I didn’t learn last year.  Like the Q cycle for Ubiquinone (the ubiquitous protein) and various bits and pieces about Complex II and III.  I won’t bore you with the details, but its pretty cool.

After all of my scholarly obligations were taken care of, I had lunch with my bestie and then picked up my visa.  APPARENTLY immigration is mad at me for not being there last semester, and if I pull a stunt like that again they might not renew my visa again.  Good thing I don’t plan on skipping any more semesters.  They also only gave me a visa until July 1216.  I graduate in November of 2016.  They are jerks.  I will need all new medical and FBI background checks by then and those take time.  Luckily I should be able to do it when I go home for the summer holiday and then apply for a renewal super early and be done with it.

When I got home, I tried calling for Shadow and shaking the food at him but to no avail.  I even had his mum come over and we both called for him.  We checked their old house (their friend still lives there and is now going to keep an eye out for him) and called all around for him.  Still no luck.  Then when my flatmates were shuffling their cars so that one could go to the Aggie vs Vet debate (at the Albert St Pub, hilarity will ensue), they saw him sitting in the driveway.  He took off back to the neighbor’s house before they could coax him inside.  On the bright side, I now know that he is hiding out next door (and likely just scared) and not trying to get to another house.  Hopefully this weekend we will be able to get him to come out and get him back inside.

While waiting around for Shadow’s mum to come help me call for him, I watched the movie “The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane”.  It was very 1970’s and pretty weird, but it held my attention so I can’t knock it too much.  I think that I will have to figure out how to wirelessly connect my computer to the Xbox360 so that I can watch the movies that I got from my friend on the big screen.


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