Physiology Test Day

Today was my midsemester test for physiology on excitable tissues.  The test was essay and long answer style questions and we had to answer two out of three.  I answered the first question about the role of calcium in excitable tissues (i.e. nerve and muscle fibres), and the third one which had a choice of three long answer questions.  Of those three I answered the question on force vs length in skeletal muscle, and iso-osmotic vs iso-tonic solutions.  I feel confident in all of my answers and should at least get a passing mark.  The lecturer is known for being nitpicky about exam questions so I probably won’t get 100%, but I will be happy with a pass.


Lectures today were pretty average.  Talked about cat aggression and how to treat it, then more endocrinology, followed by a review of early embryology in anatomy.  After lectures was radiology club, and then STUDY!   I sat with some of my classmates while I ate and they studied, and then I joined them in study.  We reviewed the parts that we were finding difficult to remember and came up with some pretty clever little things.  We also chatted and spent a bit of time side tracked from studying.  Overall I feel it was a good four hours of study, and most of the things we went over were actually helpful for the test.  Only the muscle force vs length question wasn’t really addressed.


After my long and arduous day, I got a ride home from my friend from Colorado and then settled in for a relaxing night chatting with people back home and playing with the cat.  I rewarded my hard work and study with a Chocolate Stout that was very tasty, but when I was throwing the empty into the recycling bin, the cat followed me out and got away.  Last I saw him he was under the neighbor’s house and not looking like he was going to oblige me and come out.  I have to keep reminding myself that he is not Mordastian and knows better than to play in the street.  He wouldn’t have survived to almost 11 as an indoor/outdoor cat if he wasn’t savvy enough to navigate the streets (especially since he used to live near some pretty busy thoroughfares).  I left the front door open because he doesn’t know where the back door is and I want him to be able to get back in if he comes back by a reasonable hour.  Otherwise I guess he will be let in tomorrow morning when he wants breakfast.  I don’t think he will go all the way to his old house because they only lived there a year and a half and its pretty far away, but he might try to go to the place they lived before that since its just down the street.  I told his “mum” that he got out so she knows to keep an eye out and to tell people who might be able to keep an eye out.  Hopefully he doesn’t just get picked up by someone and taken to the SPCA.  I don’t know if he has a microchip because they weren’t doing those back when he was adopted.  Fingers crossed it works out and hes back before breakfast.


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