Anatomy Test Day

That’s right, today I had my anatomy practical test.  We were given 15 slides, with three questions each, two minutes per slide.  Each slide had a picture of limb either in a live animal, dissected cadaver, cleaned bone, or radiograph.  As I’m sure you can count, there were 45 questions, of which I missed 11 (mostly nerves, which I now know I need to study harder).  Again, I’m sure you can figure out the math yourselves but that gives me a 75% on the first test, which is passing.  I am happy with this.  Part of me really wanted to study harder and be disappointed with my mark because for the past two years I have been striving for those A’s, but now that I’m in I can focus more on learning the important concepts and as long as I do well enough to pass I will be okay.  I don’t need to be perfect on paper.  Nobody is going to come into my clinic and want to see my transcripts.  All anyone from here on out is going to see is that I graduated.  It might hurt my chances of getting a competitive residency or PhD program, but I’m okay with that right now.  All I really need now is to stay healthy and get through.  Everything else can come in time.


Classes today were pretty average.  Started talking about cat behaviour problems in first lecture, most of which have to do with marking (spraying, urinating, defecating, clawing) and most of that is due to anxiety.  Second lecture was about the endocrine system.  I don’t really like this professor’s lecture style.  While he is much more interesting to listen to, I am finding it difficult to take notes in class because of his lack of structure.  Other people have had similar complaints so I’m not the only one feeling a bit weird about him.  He’s not a bad lecturer, I just don’t have the experience to deal with his style of teaching.  Third lecture was anatomy and we tried to get him to do a tutorial for the test, but instead we learned about the distal limb (carpal and metacarpal joints and bones) which was interesting but again, difficult to take notes to.


After lectures was the test, which I have already told you about, and then after the test I took the bus home.  My bestie came over and we hung out for a few hours (first time in weeks that we have actually hung out) and it was really nice.  We played Bioshock and talked nonsense and bantered back and forth while eating sweettarts that my mum sent me from the states.  Then he left to get dinner and I gave him money to bring me back food.  Fried rice is my favourite stress time food.  It doesn’t matter how not hungry I am from being stressed to death, Golden Takeaways fried rice always sounds good.  And it reheats nicely too.


Now it is time to do a bit more physiology study before bed.  Tomorrow is the physio test and then I’m done with tests until after the mid-semester break.


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