A bit of a wild weekend

And by wild weekend I mean that I went to a CPR class on Saturday morning and spent the rest of my time studying and cooking because I have two tests coming up this week and I like to eat.

The CPR class was actually CPR and other things you can do to help/prevent a crashing patient. The first station that I was at was the chest compression station where we put on gloves and actually got to do chest compressions on unpreserved dog cadavers.  We also got to hear one of my third year friends sing “Staying Alive” to illustrate how fast we should be compressing (it was pretty amusing).  The second station was nasal tube (for oxygen, though they can also be used for feeding) and stomach tube (for gastric lavage or activated charcoal).  It was pretty cool to feel how the tube moved when we had it right versus wrong, a good learning experience on an animal that wouldn’t hurt when we got it wrong.  The third station was EndoTracheal tubes (the tubes that go from the mouth into the trachea) which are used to “breathe” for the patient and are often hooked up to the oxygen on an anesthetic machine.  It was both easier and harder than I expected.  On the one hand I was able to get it in correctly on my first try, on the other hand it took a lot more fenagling than I expected.  The fourth station was “fluids” where one half learned calculations and the other half learned how to use a three way tap.  There was a jar filled with air and two balloons inside to represent lungs.  When we pulled the air out properly the “lungs” inflated, and when we pushed air back in they deflated.  The two other girls (both second years) at my section took a while to figure it out.  I got it first try, probably because i have done plumbing type things before.  Hurray for not being a conventional girlie girl.  The last station was putting in an IV catheter.  There were 1″ wooden dowels with rubber tubing filled with black currant juice strapped to them to be our “legs”.  We were shown how to do it and then let loose.  My catheter was well placed and super secure…not necessarily easy to get the bung off the end, but it wasn’t going anywhere if the “leg” flailed about and knocked into things.

Saturday night I had dinner with my friend from Hawaii and then she took me to the market to get food for the week.  I picked up ingredients for minestrone and corned beef and cabbage.  The soup will be my dinners this week and the corned beef will be sandwiches for lunches.  The veges are for inbetweens and snacks.  I had extra leftover celery that I won’t eat and my bestie doesn’t want because his fridge is full, so I found a classmate at school to take it.  Winning.

The first picture I took was too steamy to see clearly

Sorry no pictures of the corned beef and cabbage, I ate it too fast.

Today there was an issue getting to class on time.  My flatmate who usually drives realised that she was missing her car key at about 7:45.  By 7:56 it became painfully clear that we would not be finding it in time to get to class, so settled in to wait for the next bus (because biking wouldn’t have gotten me there in time either at this point and I just would have been tired and late).  At about 7:59 the keys were found, but we still waited till 8:45 to leave because we weren’t about to interrupt class to walk in late.  I chose to study during my extra morning hour, but couldn’t find the lecture slides for the lecture that I was missing.  Turns out the lecturer is just really terrible at the internet.  Rather than put the links to his slides on the main page where everyone else does, he hides them in a little folder on the side called “resources”.  He makes my brain hurt, he’s lucky he has a fun Irish accent and a good sense of humor or he would find himself lower on my “favourite professor” list.

We made it in time for second lecture, where there was a new lecturer with a new style of lecture.  Boy was I glad that I brought the study guide because he was drawing things on the board that were missing from the study guide and if I hadn’t been randomly studious I would have missed out.  Third lecture was more metabolism which is easy for me so I was able to zone out a little.  Fourth lecture was moved until after lunch because the lecturer had a clash.  Which meant a 3 hour break.

During the second hour of this three hour break was the SVECCS (student veterinary emergency and critical care society, I think) talk about downer cows (cows that are laying down and can’t get up on their own).  We went over various causes and how to prioritise if there is a large number.  It was very interesting and is actually getting me excited about doing my cow practical work.  I guess that’s what I get for hanging around people who are excited about cows.

After SVECCS was another hour break where I ate lunch and helped a classmate (the one who is taking the pesky celery) study for anatomy.  It really boosted my confidence because even though I haven’t done much study I was able to get all of his questions right and help him out.  Looks like I really can do this stuff.

The biochem tutorial was after the lunch break and I went because the rain stopped and I wanted to see if there was anything I might be missing.  Turns out there wasn’t much, but I did learn a few things that I wasn’t 100% clear on which makes it all worth while.

Anatomy was the last lecture of the day and was all about foetal limb development, which was fun and exciting.  I really enjoy anatomy, the lectures are always entertaining as well as informative and the labs are amazing.  The first test that I have this week is an anatomy test based on the labs.  I’m feeling pretty confident.  The test on Wednesday is for physiology and is based on lectures on Excitable Tissues (ones that can propagate an Action Potential, not ones that really like parties).

The cat is settling in nicely.  He’s actually getting comfortable a lot faster than I expected.  It probably helps that we play “stringaling” everyday (I dangle string for him and he attacks it, the most stimulating of games).

there is no standing still for pictures when stringaling is involved


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