Two, Two, Two days in One!

Sorry about missing yesterday, the internet stopped working and sabotaged my procrastination, so instead I studied.  Yesterday wasn’t terribly eventful anyway so you didn’t miss much.  Class, boring lab (that I have done before dealing with osmosis) and then a “stress management” class.

In stress management they told us that vets kill themselves and then tried to give us ways to not kill ourselves – by reducing stress before we become crazypants.  We were told several signs and symptoms of stress and went over how being stressed actually can make learning harder.  All basic psych 101 stuff.  Since my body does terrible, Terrible things to me when it gets over stressed, I learned many effective and adaptive coping techniques early on.  So I think I’m covered.  It was nice to do the guided meditation at the end though.

After the stress management session I went home and goofed off on the internet until it stopped working.  Then I studied my physiology notes until bedtime.  See, told you it was uneventful.

Today started off pretty good.  I was a little worried that my flatmate wouldn’t be driving (since she didn’t get home till late) but she was and it was good.  In class we talked about dog barking and how to prevent it (and treat it) and then metabolism.  I was done and out by 10am and got a ride home from my friend from Colorado.

Once home I sat and waited, studied a little, waited some more, and then finally got the text that the cat was on his way (with human driving of course).  My friend who is moving to Australia brought over Shadow (who is black, the cat that already lives here is also named Shadow but is gray).  He was pretty relaxed but seems to be under stress as well.  He explored my little room, ate some food, explored some more, ate some more, and then fell asleep.  At one point my flatmate came in and Gray Shadow snuck in behind her.  There was almost an altercation, but I grabbed up Black Shadow and Gray Shadow was coaxed out from under the bed with his food bag.  That was the most exciting thing that happened all day.


Tomorrow I am doing a CPR clinic with the Emergency Response Club, so that should be fun.  Hopefully I can get a ride, otherwise I will be forced to bike.  Which I am definitely not looking forward to.


4 thoughts on “Two, Two, Two days in One!

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    Hoping that you got a ride! My Jessi-bird needs to be easy with her body.

    “In class we talked about dog barking and how to prevent it (and treat it)” – **headtilt** “Treating* dog barking??

  2. nzvetstudent says:

    i did get a ride! rode there with one of my third year friends and back with the class rep ^_^

    dog barking is considered a nuisance and dogs can be killed for it (at least out here, not sure about back home)…as in being picked up and put down for constant barking that disturbs the neighbours… so the barking needs to be stopped…a lot of the barking problems come from some pretty simple issues like territoriality (which can be solved by keeping them from seeing people or dogs walking by) or anxiety (which has a number of treatments including anti-anxiety drugs and anti-depressants)…so yes ^_^ treating barking ^_^

  3. Surreal says:

    Please please please tell me how to make a dog stop barking. I have a hundred pound barker that can split your skull!

  4. nzvetstudent says:

    malone is a territorial barker…he can’t actually see what he is barking at…the only way to stop him is to systematically and consistently use positive punishment followed by “doing something else” that he finds enjoyable so that he is distracted…

    most territorial barkers you move them to where they can’t see what they are barking at…he uses his hearing as a cue (sometimes wrongly) so just putting him where he can’t see out doesn’t work…startling him to get him to stop barking and then distracting him with a game should help but no guarantees

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