A better kind of Monday

I might be close to done being sick *knocks on wood*.  My relaxing weekend of not doing much combined with a very peppery chicken soup seems to have helped.  As well as the copious amounts of tea I’m sure.  Whatever it is, I woke up this morning with only the usual amount of tiredness bogging me down (you know the tiredness that comes from waking up before the sun? yeah that, I hate that).  I managed to actually remember to eat breakfast and was packed and ready to go before my flatmate mentioned anything.


My lectures were pretty cruizy and I even managed to make it through all four without being excessively tired.  That, however, seems to be my limit.  I attended a CPR lecture (voluntary) for another club that I joined (can’t remember the full name, its for emergency vet response though) and had the hardest time keeping my eyes open (in spite of the material being fascinating).  I made it through somehow without missing too much and then got to go eat my lunch.  I scarfed it down as fast as I could and then went to the book store to mail my 10 card so that I can hopefully get a visa (otherwise this has been a very expensive waste of time).  I then had to repack my bag (because it required pulling all of my things out to get at the stuff I needed) and rush to class for my last lecture of the day.  After lecture I was preparing to catch the bus when I realised that my wallet was missing.  Yep, I left it at the book store.  I ran (well limped quickly since my hip was giving me trouble) back to the store and gave them a description as well as my name (though the pic on there looks just like me >.<) and was given my wallet with enough time to catch the bus.  I rode it to the first Cook St stop and hopped off to walk the rest of the way to the flat (about a block).  It was a lovely walk and today has been gorgeous.  It started raining a short while ago but has stopped again.  The weather is supposed to be on and off for the rest of the week, hopefully it clears up for the weekend.


Thats it for me tonight party people.  I’m off to do a bit more weaving and maybe play some xbox.  I actually studied tonight so I feel I deserve some fun time.


2 thoughts on “A better kind of Monday

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    Oh wow – the wallet thing could have been a serious badness. Glad that it wasn’t.

    So, how many clubs are you a part of now? Seems like you could be doing one a day, now!

  2. nzvetstudent says:

    yeah it could have been…i’ve found that out here people are pretty good about that stuff though…which is why i wasn’t terribly worried…my cards and stuff were all there and not even shuffled around (like when i accidentally left it at the In N Out back home >.<) so ^_^ yeah

    i am in the emergency response club…equine club…and radiography club…i dropped wildlife club because while i'm interested in wildlife i'm not really PASSIONATE about it like some of the other people in there and i'd rather spend my time doing other things

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