Over the Hump

Today was a relatively easy day for me.  Three lectures and then a tutorial on how to use MyPortfolio.  During the two hour break between third lecture and the tutorial I went to two club meetings (Radiology Club and the Wild Life Conservation Club) because both offered free pizza and I was a genius and forgot to pack a lunch.


During the one hour break between second and third lecture I caught up on my physiology study guide and got coffee.  Which of course made me antsy in third lecture and open my big mouth to ask about why small birds hop.  (apparently that’s why).


Radiology Club was really cool.  We were introduced to some of the concepts and told what to expect at future meetings.  Also there was pizza.  I am actually really excited about going to each meeting.  The radiographs we looked at today had a dog with an esophageal obstruction (that looked like a bone), another dog with bones in its digestive tract, and a dystocia (difficult birth) of a small breed dog with a single puppy.  The last one was the coolest, the puppy was almost as big as the dam and you could see the whole skeleton.  It looked like it was trying to jump out but could only get its head through the birth canal.  Unfortunately for the puppy, it was probably dead, but the radiograph showed where the problem areas were so the vet could help save the bitch.


After Radiology Club (I think it has a different name but that’s what I’m calling it until I can remember the real name) there was MSWCC (Massy Student Wild Life Conservation Club).  The meeting had a brief introduction to the club followed by elections for the club.  Its only $10 to join and I get $100 worth of magazine plus subsidised field trips and heaps of learning experiences.  I’m in.   Just have to remember to fill out the form and bring my money next week.  Of course this cuts into my lunch/study time on Wednesdays, but I’m ok with that.


After the meetings was the e-Portfolio tutorial where we separated into groups to figure out and work on MyProfile.  My group is pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.  As a group we have to demonstrate different Graduate Attributes that we are supposed to have by the time we graduate from the program.  We picked four.  All of us are doing 1.10: Demonstrate physical and mental health and self-awareness and strategies to maintain them.  The other three are being done in groups of three with one group of four.  My mini-group (sub group?) is doing 2.4: Be knowledgeable about animal welfare and able to identify and deal with animal welfare issues.  Since I read the Fugly Horse Of The Day blog (which deals quite a bit with welfare issues in the States), and I took Kevin Stafford’s paper last year on Animal Health, Behaviour, and Welfare, I think I have an advantage in that category.  I already know where to look for the information and am ready and willing to share it with my class mates.


At the end of the day I dragged my sorry carcass onto the bus and rode it home.  Now I have to look over the lab manual for my physiology lab tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Over the Hump

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    Sounds like LOTS of pizza! Yay! And, field trips are always for the win. Also sounds like every second of your life is being taken up with school.

  2. nzvetstudent says:

    SO MUCH PIZZA! it was awesome…i was super excited about the field trips but now i’m not so sure…i’m even debating turning in my registration/membership/whatever form…yay indecision and social anxiety >.<

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