Tuesdays are very long days

Tuesday is by far my longest day.  There are three lectures (with a one hour break between second and third lecture) followed by anatomy lab (with a two hour break for lunch).  It is much easier to get through than it was with the schedule we had last week (no break between lectures and only an hour for lunch) but its still pretty rough.

Lectures were good, and I hung out with a couple people from my class during the break between classes (which I used to rest my brain by looking at cute pictures of puppies on the internet).  After lectures there was a big book sale and I spent over $300 on books that I won’t get to actually read until they come in.  Then there was eating (though I forgot a fork so had to go steal one from the cafeteria) and studying for the lab that I didn’t do last night.

Finally, it was lab time! Anatomy lab runs from 2:00pm-5:00pm and we can use that time however we want though there are lab manuals to guide us along.  My group got Buddy out of the chiller and got to work extending our incisions from last week.  We reflected the skin back to expose the muscles of the shoulder and back.  Our favourite muscle so far is the Latissimus Dorsi because we accidentally cut through it while trying to get the skin off.  We went over the names of most of the muscles that we could see, and asked questions about the ones we didn’t know.  We also looked at a prosected cat and a freshly dead dog as comparisons.  While we were learning some of the names and following the lines of the muscles, one of the demonstrators told us we could cut away some of the connective tissue between the muscles to separate them out.  Which we did with gusto.  Our dog now has quite distinct muscles that we can name and follow quite easily.

Because we were good kids and stayed past 4:00, we got some time with the professor.  This helped us to really learn where a number of the muscles originated from and where they inserted into the bones.  We were encouraged to tell a story about each muscle, and so I will tell you of the Lonesome Latissimus Dorsi.

Once upon a time there was a muscle.  Its name was Latissimus Dorsi, and its origins begin at the Lumbodorsal fascia (the sheetlike fibrous connective tissue on the top (dorsal) lumbar region (between the tailbone and ribs)) and the last two ribs of the dog, Buddy.  From its origin, the lonely Latissimus Dorsi traveled ventrally (toward the belly) and cranially (toward the head) until it reached the medial side (toward the body) of the humerus (upper arm bone).  It started out as a wide, flat sheet of muscle but gradually became thicker and narrower until all of the muscle fibres came together in a point where it inserted at the Teres (round, ball shaped) tuberosity (bumpy out bit) of the humerus.  Here it ended its exploration and settled down to help pull the forelimb of our dog, Buddy, back toward the chest.

The End

As much fun as lab was, I am exhausted.  I was so tired when I eventually made it home that I didn’t even want to heat up leftovers for dinner.  I settled for a bowl of cereal and some tea.  Tonight I think I will go to bed early, for tomorrow is another early (though not nearly as long) day.


2 thoughts on “Tuesdays are very long days

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    I am slightly disturbed that you made a fairy tale out of muscles.

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