Last day before classes

Today started off wonderfully.  I slept all the way to my alarm, was warm and snuggled in my bed, bonded with the cat, all wonderful things.  I even had a lazy morning on the internet.  It all went perfectly until I decided that I needed a bookshelf.


I love books, in fact I may have a book addiction.  I have a hard time selling back books at the end of the semester.  I have books that I will likely never read again.  I have school books, leisure books, cook books, how to books, any kind of book.  None of which I can part with.  Out here in New Zealand my book collection is much smaller.  My kindle has given me the ability to hoard books in the aether where they take up much less space.  Unfortunately for my bookshelf needs, that means most of my books are honking huge text books.  Not just any text books, 2000 page biology text books and similar ilk.  I put all of my books into a large backpack that I own and it easily outweighed my two fully packed suitcases that I brought with me from home.  So when I go buy a bookcase, it needs to be sturdy, and large.


Around 3:00pm I texted my best buddy out here and had him come round with his station wagon.  We hung out for a bit and chatted and then I asked if he would be so kind as to go shelf shopping with me.  He is my enabler.


We first went to the Warehouse (which is kinda like Walmart for Kiwis) but their selection was not up to my standards.  Next stop was the Warehouse Stationary (where they have all kinds of things including desks, chairs, and bookshelves).  There I found a lovely 6ft+, sturdy, beach coloured monstrosity.  I was in love.  To be fair, I looked at all of the other offerings and concluded that none were as perfect for my under $100 budget.  After looking through them all my friend pointed out that they were having a sale and all of the shelves were 10-40% off.  With that knowledge, I picked up another smaller shelf to go next to my desk since I don’t have enough drawers for all of the things i want to put in it.  Hurray for organisation!  And all for under $100.


We asked a sails associate for assistance and purchased the hulking shelf-in-a-box and mini shelf-in-a-box and got it to the car.  Just slightly too long to fit laying flat, so the associate and my buddy turned it sideways and slid it between the front seats and it fit great.  popped the other one in beside it and we were ready to go.  Instead of heading home though, we wen’t to the market because my buddy wanted his “gas money” to be spent in candy.  After getting me a few things, and him his candy, we headed back to my flat.  As soon as we pull into the driveway I realise one terrible thing.  I forgot my key in my room.  We are locked out of the flat, and my flatmates won’t be home until late.  We tried the back doors but this place is locked down solid so I texted my friend who’s flat I had crashed at last week and she let me come stay till someone got home to let me in.  My buddy went home and promised to help me set up the bookshelf sometime later in the week.


At my friend’s place I hung out while she was cooking and met another future flatmate (when I move into that flat next year) who is the same year vet student as my friend (who I will call Hawaii).  The new person I will call Tennessee (in true Zombieland style).  Tennessee is really nice, he is also as much of a neat freak as Hawaii.  Living with them will be interesting to say the least.  After dinner, Hawaii took me back home and I greatfully put down my groceries and petted the cat.


Tomorrow classes start, I’m excited and nervous.  I really don’t want to screw this up.


2 thoughts on “Last day before classes

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    Be sure to put your key on your keyring, silly girl!

    • nzvetstudent says:

      it was on my key ring…but my key ring was in my jacket…and it was suddenly and randomly warm enough to not NEED my jacket so i wore my sweater and forgot my key >.< the warm was nice though.

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