Moving Day is a Very Dangerous Day

Today started with so much promise.  I was in contact with my friends who were helping me move the heavy furniture, I was warm, and there was a cat purring in my lap.  It didn’t get much better from there.  I managed to wrangle my friend with the truck into getting the trailer and heading to my friend with my stuff’s flat by around 11:00am.  We had my stuff packed and to the new flat no later than 11:30am.  The girl who was moving out of my room was still there and her parents (who were helping her move) were no where in sight.  She had also moved most of her stuff from my room into the hallway where I had been planning to put my things.  Which meant that I had to find a NEW place to put everything.


After some scouting, my friends and I decided that the spare bedroom would fit the desk and chest of drawers while the bed would have to be put up against the wall in the lounge.  We got everything sorted and then I realised that I had left my computer bag and overnight bag at my friend with the truck’s place.  So we dropped other friend off and went back to get my things.  Then I was picked up by my friend whose place I’ve been crashing at and hung out watching movies.


While I was waiting for my ride and chatting with my friends (with the truck), I was offered their small Inkle Loom for $20.  Cue my first impulse buy of the semester.  I now have to buy yarn so that I can learn how to use it.  Thankfully I have friends back home with knowledge and expertise enough to explain things over the internet.


Around 7:30pm I finally made it back to my new flat and found my bed already moved into the room.  I shifted it to a new corner and then brought in the rest of my junk.  Then my friend and I made the bed before she went back to her place.  I think I may have left my shower stuff there.  Anyway, I finished unpacking around 10:00pm and am now just about ready to crawl into bed (which is piled high with blankets to keep me warm).


Tomorrow is a settling in day, and then classes start.  I’m still excited.


2 thoughts on “Moving Day is a Very Dangerous Day

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    And you’re moved in, so yay! But, why “dangerous?”

    • nzvetstudent says:

      LOL the “________ day is a very dangerous day” things come from the cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life (it was on Nickelodian in the 90’s)

      And DEFINITELY yay being moved in…now to shuffle my room around half a dozen times while I try to find the best combination of stuff and things

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