Almost moved

Today was supposed to be moving day.  The girl who currently resides in the room that I am supposed to be moving into, however, did not get her chit out today.  In fact, she didn’t even show up until after 6pm.  So I was able to move most of my stuff into a different room to wait until the other girl is gone sometime tomorrow.

We were going to move the big furniture as well, but the truck we needed to pull a trailer wasn’t available until too late to rent a trailer to pull, so that won’t happen until tomorrow either.  Which means I am still crashing at my friend’s place until tomorrow at the earliest, Sunday at the very latest.

Not much else happened today.  I had sushi for dinner at my favourite Sushi place out here.  I also got to watch Snatch with my friend and drink some delicious mulled wine that she made.  All in all a very unimpressive day.


2 thoughts on “Almost moved

  1. kittona3a3a3 says:

    Sometimes, an uneventful day is what’s needed. And, it doesn’t sound like it’s too much of an emergency that you moved, yesyes?

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